Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

Escape from Christophsis

Planetary Security Forces
Incident # 23498v4.1
Reporting Officer: Crawdaw, Tac
Badge no.: 13285

My patrol consisting of 3 skiffs approached the downed escape pod at 13:32CST. 6 Officers dismounted and began to approach the pod. We identified ourselves as planetary security and approached cautiously. Officer Del noticed movement to our southwest and before we could react we were fired upon from all directions including the pod itself. In several seconds we had lost 4 officers and 2 skiffs. At that time we retreated and called for reinforcements. We returned 30 min later and the escape pod was abandoned. At that time we issued an all out alert for the Rex Adris, Jetta Grek, Bisk Rosk and IG-77C.


tomcox7 tomcox7

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