Tag: House Korden


  • The Void Dancer

    The Void dancer is a CEC YT-1000. It has been in service for 35 years. It was last assigned to the Corulag Defence force for inteplanetary supply runs. It now owned by House Korden. The Void Dancer looks like a stock YT-1000 with two yellow racing …

  • Jaden Korden

    Joran is the youngest son of Tavin Korden. He is a happy go lucky kid who has just graduated from business school from Theed University. He is a smart kid and an acceptable pilot. He looks forward to seeing the galaxy and has the resources to do it!

  • Waric Korden

    One of the elder members of House Korden. Has spent many years travelling the space lanes, developing colonization strategies and developing house Korden assets into efficient business models. Spending the last several years in seclusion on Corulag it …