Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

Void Dancer Record

16.75- The Void Dancer Lands at Kel Shebbol Spaceport
16.90- The crew exits vessel and pays docking fee
17.15- Crew leaves docking area

22.15- Trandoshan crew member returns
22.20- PSF arrives and arrests Trandoshan
26- Rest of crew arrives and departs planet

Another Party

A video screen comes to life……

On the screen is a lavish party filled with humans in noble attire. The house itself is simple and elegant. The camera pans around the room. More windows pop up showing thermal scans and audio wave frequenices. The camera moves around the room and identification codes pop up on many of the nobles faces with their names and lineage. Gideon Tarkin, Wilhulf Tarkin, Finus Valorum, Tarsis Valorum.

The camera continues on until it identifying more members of noble households. The person on the datapad speeds up the data output until stopping as it locates identities unknown. The first face on the screen is a Trandoshan wearing a tuxedo. The information fills in…..

Bisk Rosk
Blaster Rifle

The data begins to fill in height weight muscle mass etc.

Next is a Woman with pink skin…

Female (Caution Pheromones)
Sweet Talker
Jedi Padawan

The data begins to fill in height weight muscle mass etc.

Kismet face shows next..

Jedi Padawan

The data begins to fill in height weight muscle mass etc.

The scene plays out for a while then is zipped forward again. The next picture is a beautiful lush garden. In the garden are several birds and a Ithorian who is closely examining the garden.

The feed shuts off.

Escape From the Crimson THorn
The scratch of the holotransmission begins to play to a dark room… “Greetings beneficent patron. I am reaching out to you to inform you on the status of the contract to blemish the record of the House of Valorum.” On the screen is a green Findian gressed in a dark flight suit. "After several months of planning my droids successfully infiltrated the Crimson Thorn. "

“After several hours in hyperspace the trap was sprung. I cut the hyperdrive first and then began to toy with the crew. My droids performed as expected. They did so well that I wanted to collect as much data as possible. It took me several days to take out the entire crew. In the end my droids reported no life forms on the ship.”

“Having collected my data I left the ship adrift as instructed and went into the seclusion of a local Nebula to analyze my data” The Findian begins to run his hands over each other as he continues. “However” he says as he points his index finger up “several hours later I received more data from my droids saying life forms had boarded. My scanner picked up a Corellian YT-1000 that had docked with the Crimson Thorn.”

“I once again but my droids into action however this crew seemed more elusive. Eventually their scanners spotted me and I moved to engage with my resources. My quarry escaped my grasp but not before I got the ships ID “The Void Dancer.

“As I have finished my contract I expect payment in full to the agreed upon account”

The transmission fizzles out and the camera pans away to see the back of a human head. His white hair stands in stark contrast to his black suit. He is sitting at a stylish desk made of steel and glass. “This is….. unexpected.” His bass voice echoes throughout the stylish room.

More violence amongst the dug

A upbeat news ring chimes out. Sitting in front of a news desk is a Gran. He begins " are the Dugs for democracy truly a peaceful organization. See this footage here first and decide for yourself!

In the footage is a ship with two yellow stripes along its hull. You can see several dug firing blasters at each other with some falling.

“This footage was taken from a podracing observation camera. As you can see the violent Dugs cannot keep their savage hands from violence. Imagine if the Gran were not here to protect them from themselves.”

The camera zooms out to showing the male and his female counterpart "It is such a shame to see beings harm another. Next see the Malastare Mupples dominate the Naboo Narglatchs in Duoday’s Blitzball special but first these messages from our sponsors…

The Party and the Hunt

Not quite sure how we ended up getting invited i was busy thinking about fish. We Ended up at this party and it seemed like every gentleman there was trying to seduce Kinvaryl. Much to no avail Kinvaryl hasn’t ever shown interest unless it was to get something. there i was minding my own business trying to get through the crowd when one of the guys came to talk to me (it was one that just talked to kynvarl) I have no idea what she said but this guy just woudn’t leave me alone. The conversation led on he introduced me to some people and they started talking about pirates. a few minutes after that i got hungy so i walked away. the next day i find out that Bisk and Jetta were gunna go on a hunt for something, i decided to go with them just so i could get out into the open world and explore a new area all of kinvaryl’s new friends from the party were there also. we went off and found a ship that looks to have crashed here… oh yeah i just remembered that i’m hungry i really want some fish… wait thats not important to this we went inside the ship even tho i had a bad feeling about it i just couldn’t help my curious nature. while exploring the ship we found a droid and then started to get attcked by some dire wolves they ended up belonging to a bounty hunter that came here looking for jetta i really didnt like that guy he hurt kinvaryl. next time i see that guy i might not be able to hold back.

Gittin' a darn Liscense for the rust bucket

So we was goin’ through hyper space right, and for some reason we get kicked out. Ship says its fuel is low, so it made an emergency exit from hyper travel. Befuddled, me and the rest of us looked around for a cause, blaming Bisk for not putting in the right co-ordinance. Unfortunately we had to call upon the space rangers to come and help, since they were the only ones who responded to our distress beacon. ‘Least it wasn’t bounty hunters. So we get on board their ship and they tow ours. The captain is a little fellar by the name of Hedreg, an overgrown space hamster. So they invite us in, I’m cautious as always with the law. They feed us, ask our names, which of course I lie about mine, they din’t any mind to it. So they says, “Who’s the cap’n of your ship? Because there ain’t no cap’n registered to the ship.” We tells them that we ain’t got one, and so they tell us that we gotta pay a fine and take a course for cap’ncy of the ship. Now I dun know who would wanna captain that vessel but, the law is the law. We never told them about the aleena on the ship either, and when we got back to the ship they were there waitin’ for us. So we get to a space station where they tell us that we cant leave until someone becomes cap’n. So I tell the crew that I’ll go ahead and take the test, using the money the aleena had given us for the travel. At one point i see them wondering off the ship and into the station, I din’t ask any question, although i was almost glad to see them off. Some time later as im trying to see what is up with the fuel tank I find a hollow point in the tank itself, for I emptied it out. I also noticed that it was smaller. i tolled the crew that i was to bang on the hollow spot until someone found it. Ofcourse the cat heard me knocking, even though I’m pretty sure he wasn’t listenin’. Someone called in for cargo to be moved so they brought it to our ship, never asked who called it in. However, the ramp malfunctioned and slammed into the landing pad. we got fined for it and i told ‘em i would try and fix it. However, i was unable to do so, so now we will not be liked at other space stations throughout the core worlds, and hopefully no farther. After this I went and took a class to prepare myself for the cap’ncy test. The cat, Kismet assisted me during the test as my co-pilot, since he also knew a lot about flyin’, which i found it just a little odd for a cat to know how to fly so well. And wouldn’tcha know it, I passed with flying colors, I’m sure you didn’t doubt me for a second. Once that was done the aleena came back on board the ship… Anyways that was that. I’ll right back to you again soon, oh how i miss your face and the beautiful scenery i left you with.

Escape from Christophsis

Planetary Security Forces
Incident # 23498v4.1
Reporting Officer: Crawdaw, Tac
Badge no.: 13285

My patrol consisting of 3 skiffs approached the downed escape pod at 13:32CST. 6 Officers dismounted and began to approach the pod. We identified ourselves as planetary security and approached cautiously. Officer Del noticed movement to our southwest and before we could react we were fired upon from all directions including the pod itself. In several seconds we had lost 4 officers and 2 skiffs. At that time we retreated and called for reinforcements. We returned 30 min later and the escape pod was abandoned. At that time we issued an all out alert for the Rex Adris, Jetta Grek, Bisk Rosk and IG-77C.

Looking for the Hammerhead
Retreived from the memory core of IG-77C

After rebooting after complete systems failure due to excessive Ionization I awoke with a restraining bolt attached altering my systems influencing me to not kill the meatbag known as Joran Korden.

Our next stop was the planet Allanteen to refuel. I suggested several times to Rex in private that we leave the group for greener pastures. He reminded me that this would take us closer to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant so I agreed to continue on our current course.

When we arrived on Allanteen to refuel Joran requested that we find an individual name Wamwa Ixlis and return him to the ship. With Jetta still out cold the Trandoshan, REx and I decided it would be in our best interest to take the job.

Using the data network we located Wamwa’s residence and proceeded at a brisk pace. When we entered his residence 83% damaged. Someone was looking for something. Rex found a drink chit to the Nexu’s Charge a local drinking establishment. While at the bar we heard Wamwa was looking for passage off world and headed for the spaceport.

We proceeded to the space port and encountered three bounty hunters. After deeming them as threats two were eliminated. As the spaceport cleared Jetta returned to the part and located Womwa. As we left the spaceport we encountered more Bounty Hunters. One was eliminated and we returned to Joran departed the planet for Corulag.

Arrival at Corulag: We exited ship I requested the removal of my restraining bolt. When my request was denied I executed the next available target…..

Unlikely Escape

Planetary Security Forces
Incident # 23498v4
Reporting Officer: Doweesh, Huc
Badge no.: 31723

At approximately 22:15 CST five prisoner aboard prison transport shell 18c somehow managed to disable the energy shield over power officers Durrell, Flonat and I and escape. We believe the left the ship via an escape pod. Several hours later we awoke and alerted to ships Captain who informed us it would not be profitable to turn around and chase the fugitives.

We sent a sub space transmissions planet side next to appraise local authorities including the emergency frequency of the pod.


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