Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

Escape From the Crimson THorn


The scratch of the holotransmission begins to play to a dark room… “Greetings beneficent patron. I am reaching out to you to inform you on the status of the contract to blemish the record of the House of Valorum.” On the screen is a green Findian gressed in a dark flight suit. "After several months of planning my droids successfully infiltrated the Crimson Thorn. "

“After several hours in hyperspace the trap was sprung. I cut the hyperdrive first and then began to toy with the crew. My droids performed as expected. They did so well that I wanted to collect as much data as possible. It took me several days to take out the entire crew. In the end my droids reported no life forms on the ship.”

“Having collected my data I left the ship adrift as instructed and went into the seclusion of a local Nebula to analyze my data” The Findian begins to run his hands over each other as he continues. “However” he says as he points his index finger up “several hours later I received more data from my droids saying life forms had boarded. My scanner picked up a Corellian YT-1000 that had docked with the Crimson Thorn.”

“I once again but my droids into action however this crew seemed more elusive. Eventually their scanners spotted me and I moved to engage with my resources. My quarry escaped my grasp but not before I got the ships ID “The Void Dancer.

“As I have finished my contract I expect payment in full to the agreed upon account”

The transmission fizzles out and the camera pans away to see the back of a human head. His white hair stands in stark contrast to his black suit. He is sitting at a stylish desk made of steel and glass. “This is….. unexpected.” His bass voice echoes throughout the stylish room.


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