Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

Looking for the Hammerhead

Retreived from the memory core of IG-77C

After rebooting after complete systems failure due to excessive Ionization I awoke with a restraining bolt attached altering my systems influencing me to not kill the meatbag known as Joran Korden.

Our next stop was the planet Allanteen to refuel. I suggested several times to Rex in private that we leave the group for greener pastures. He reminded me that this would take us closer to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant so I agreed to continue on our current course.

When we arrived on Allanteen to refuel Joran requested that we find an individual name Wamwa Ixlis and return him to the ship. With Jetta still out cold the Trandoshan, REx and I decided it would be in our best interest to take the job.

Using the data network we located Wamwa’s residence and proceeded at a brisk pace. When we entered his residence 83% damaged. Someone was looking for something. Rex found a drink chit to the Nexu’s Charge a local drinking establishment. While at the bar we heard Wamwa was looking for passage off world and headed for the spaceport.

We proceeded to the space port and encountered three bounty hunters. After deeming them as threats two were eliminated. As the spaceport cleared Jetta returned to the part and located Womwa. As we left the spaceport we encountered more Bounty Hunters. One was eliminated and we returned to Joran departed the planet for Corulag.

Arrival at Corulag: We exited ship I requested the removal of my restraining bolt. When my request was denied I executed the next available target…..


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