Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

More violence amongst the dug

A upbeat news ring chimes out. Sitting in front of a news desk is a Gran. He begins " are the Dugs for democracy truly a peaceful organization. See this footage here first and decide for yourself!

In the footage is a ship with two yellow stripes along its hull. You can see several dug firing blasters at each other with some falling.

“This footage was taken from a podracing observation camera. As you can see the violent Dugs cannot keep their savage hands from violence. Imagine if the Gran were not here to protect them from themselves.”

The camera zooms out to showing the male and his female counterpart "It is such a shame to see beings harm another. Next see the Malastare Mupples dominate the Naboo Narglatchs in Duoday’s Blitzball special but first these messages from our sponsors…


tomcox7 tomcox7

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