Star Wars: Void of Mysteries

The Party and the Hunt


Not quite sure how we ended up getting invited i was busy thinking about fish. We Ended up at this party and it seemed like every gentleman there was trying to seduce Kinvaryl. Much to no avail Kinvaryl hasn’t ever shown interest unless it was to get something. there i was minding my own business trying to get through the crowd when one of the guys came to talk to me (it was one that just talked to kynvarl) I have no idea what she said but this guy just woudn’t leave me alone. The conversation led on he introduced me to some people and they started talking about pirates. a few minutes after that i got hungy so i walked away. the next day i find out that Bisk and Jetta were gunna go on a hunt for something, i decided to go with them just so i could get out into the open world and explore a new area all of kinvaryl’s new friends from the party were there also. we went off and found a ship that looks to have crashed here… oh yeah i just remembered that i’m hungry i really want some fish… wait thats not important to this we went inside the ship even tho i had a bad feeling about it i just couldn’t help my curious nature. while exploring the ship we found a droid and then started to get attcked by some dire wolves they ended up belonging to a bounty hunter that came here looking for jetta i really didnt like that guy he hurt kinvaryl. next time i see that guy i might not be able to hold back.


tomcox7 tomcox7

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